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how to grow thyme

Thyme is a low growing evergreen aromatic shrub that has a woody base with stems presenting small grey-green leaves. This herb finds its origins in the hilly regions of the Mediterranean, therefore will thrive when its roots are firmly anchored in free draining, and not so fertile soil. It will also appreciate an arid growing condition with plants positioned in full sun but watered infrequently.

Here's Our Guide to Growing Thyme:

How, Where & When to Grow Thyme

Sow indoors, March to May, The seed is very fine so mix with horticultural sand to make it easier to handle. Sprinkle seed thinly on seed trays but cover the seed very very lightly or not at all. Place ideally in a heated propagator or cover with a polythene bag and keep at 20C. Seed should germinate in 2 weeks.

Alternatively, Sow seeds directly in spring once the soil has warmed up, with germination taking place (14-21 days) when suitable conditions are achieved. Thyme thrives in relatively poor soil preferably stony alkaline soil. Thin out seedlings if sown too close, to avoid competition with root growth.


Final planting position between plants of 50cm will allow roots to establish well without competition with other plants.

Regular Care

A drought tolerant plant that requires no or less attention or care, with regular prune in spring and again after flowering will keep the plant healthy.

Harvesting Thyme

Snip of small sprigs as required for immediate use all year round or cut off large quantities for drying before plant produces flowers.

thyme growing guide


Thyme is a wonderful herb that marries so well with many different flavours and recipes…it works great in creamy dishes such as creamy lemon Thyme Chicken…an excellent partner with garlic for garlic and thyme Chicken…throw chopped thyme on to roast potatoes about 10 minutes before the potatoes are ready…sublime flavour!

Growing Guides

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