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Hot Weather Watering Tips For Your Vegetables

Sowing in the summer: how to protect your vegetable plants in hot weather. Is it just watering?

It's the summertime and the hot weather, whilst lovely for us, can bring about some challenges as you grow your vegetable patch. It seems timely to share some valuable advice on how you water your veg patch to keep seeds germinating and your plants growing healthily.

10 of your most common hot weather watering questions are answered for you below;

1. The hot weather has made my soil crusty, how should I water my plants?

If your soil is hard and forming a crust then you need to regularly break the crust surface by either gentle hoeing, raking, or even with your hands. This will allow water to soak deeper into the ground. If you water onto the hard crust then water will simply just run off and provide no benefit for the plant

How to water plants on hot days with crusty soil
How to test if soil needs watering

2. How do I tell if I need to water my soil?

Dig down to a spade’s depth to see if there is moisture in the soil; if so watering is unnecessary. Bear in mind that sandy soils can look dry but still contain moisture and clay soils can look wet, but the water is held too tightly for plants to access

3. How do I ensure water reaches where my plant needs it most?

Water at the base of the plant…but before you do, create a small crater around the plant as this will stop water from running away from the roots and will direct more water straight down to where the plant needs it

How to water germinating seeds on hot days and sunny weather
How often to water seeds and vegetable plants on hot days

4. Do I water my vegetable plants once a day?

Water lightly first of all, this allows the water to have an initial soak and then follow up with an abundant soaking which will then be soaked and absorbed by the soil

5. What should I do about watering seeds if have a layer of mulch?

If you have a layer of mulch, such as hay or straw, then it’s best to move that away from where you are watering as the bulk of the water will be soaked up by the mulch and not the plant

Do you need to mulch soil in hot weather to germinate seeds
Should you water leaves on vegetable plants and germinating seeds?

6. On hot days, should I water the leaves too?

Don’t waste water by watering the leaves…always water at the base of the plant…watering leaves, especially in direct sunlight will lead to scorching and burning the leaves

7. In hot weather, what time of day should I water my plants?

It’s best to water in the early evening when it’s cooler and the chances of water just evaporating then reduce. The next best alternative is to water early in the morning. But obviously, if you see a plant during the day that’s in desperate need then do water

What time of day to water vegetable seeds on hot days?
How often should I water plants on hot days?

8. Should I water my plants little and often?

Water thoroughly to a depth of 30cm. Avoid watering the top centimetre or so on a daily basis, for example. Frequent smaller quantities of water mean that the plants will have a shallower root system which is not what you or the plant need, we are striving for a deep root system and encouraging the plant to seek water further down in the ground is the best way to achieve this

9. What should I do about weeding during hot weather?

Keep the veg patch weed free. A surprising amount of moisture can be taken from the soil by weeds

Should I weed vegetable patch when it's hot weather?
Can mulch help germinate seeds on hot days?

10. Can mulch help protect plants on hot, dry days?

If not already done so, then consider adding a 5-7cm layer of mulch as this will help to prevent evaporation and keep the plant's cooler.

Bonus Tip!

And finally, whilst not a water tip...

also, consider covering plants with a fine layer of fleece as this will help to dissipate the heat that the plant receives and therefore the amount of water that they will be seeking!

Should I cover vegetable seeds in hot weather?

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