Sow Seeds is a family run business located in the heart of food production in the Yorkshire Wolds.

We love to garden and grow our own's also our way of testing the seeds that we buy so that we can be confident of the quality that we sell. All the sowing information and growing tips that you find on our website have been written by Sow Seeds from first-hand experience.

As we expand our business we are also expanding and embracing a network of enthusiastic vegetable growers so that we can provide a new way to share insight on how to grow. Follow our blog for further information on this.

And we care…

About quality
At a time when it’s become important to know where our food comes from, we think it’s equally important to know where our seeds come from. That’s why we only deal with long-established and reputable British seed merchants. This ensures that we have full traceability right through the supply chain

  • All of our seeds have been trial grown
  • Then tested in a laboratory
  • And as a minimum, meet the EU Seed Regulation requirements for germination rates
About safety

You can be further confident about the quality of seeds that we sell, as we are a DEFRA licensed packer of seeds. This means that we have to adhere to strict policies and regulation, meaning that you get the best possible quality seeds, consistently, every time you order.

About the environment
We like to operate on the basis of how David Attenborough would run a seed business...for example, all our seed envelopes can be recycled/composted. So as a matter of course, we try to recycle and re-use where practicable.

And our community
We are equally passionate about helping those in society that have food problems. So, we are working on being involved and supporting local community farms, food banks, and local council operated food initiatives. We will update you when we have further information.

 All our seeds are supplied in exclusive ‘Sow Seeds’ branded packaging which include a photo of each variety. The photos have been taken by ourselves in our garden of our own vegetables, herbs, flowers and chillies. Each variety has the sowing instructions on the packet, making it easier to take into the garden when sowing (the paper packets can be composted when you no longer need them).

Vegetable Seeds

We offer a fantastic range of vegetable seeds, selected to suit the home-grower or allotment holder for the best taste and productivity. They are better than the supermarkets, fresh to your door, grown locally and taste infinitely better.

Green Manure Seeds

Green manure is a crop that is grown mainly to benefit the soil rather than for food or ornament. It does wonders for the health of the soil and subsequent plants and it can save a fortune on compost.

Chilli Seeds

Our selected range of Chilli seeds productive, attractive plants and there’s nothing like the satisfaction of growing your own produce and then having the pleasure of eating it! It’s great fun!

Cut Flower Seeds

Our selection of Cut Flower seeds allows you to grow seasonal variations of colour & form to create different styles from country cottage to more contemporary arrangements.

Wildflower Seeds

Wildflowers are a great way to brighten up a problem area and are great for the wildlife and the environment as well. Choose the correct mixture and spend a little bit of time and you will be rewarded with a beautiful wildflower meadow.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Sowing!