Posted by Rita Robinson

A few weeks ago Monty Don followed up the Wildflower Meadow special with a how to sow feature on BBC Gardeners World.

monty down bbc gardeners world sowing a wildflower meadow

Click on the image or follow the link below to watch the video:

In 6 steps Monty Don shows just how easy it is to sow Wildflowers in to existing grass, mimicking a true wildflower meadow.

These are the 6 steps to follow:

1. Mow the grass really short
2. Rake out the thatch (existing dead grass and moss in the grass)
3. Aggressively rake to scarify and break up the soil
4. Broadcast sow the seed, mix in to sand if that makes it easier
5. Lightly rake
6. Tread across seeded area 

Monty Don recommends that the wildflower seed mix contains: Cowslip, Birds Foot Trefoil, and Scabious. In addition to the must have, meadow-maker Yellow Rattle.

Our new 100% Wildflower Seed Mix has been specially created to offer you a blend that includes the priority plants that Monty Don has recommended:

 100% general purpose wildflower seed mix

You can buy it here:

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