• Sturdy Mini Seed Trays

    One of our bugbears is flimsy seed-trays that snap and break when you are moving from one place to another.  We love sturdy seed trays as they last years but have found them increasingly hard to buy. We also like to sow 1 variety per tray and when sowing in small amounts like 20 Chilli Seeds or 10 tomato seeds, a mini small tray is ideal.
    Posted by Debbie Dexter
  • All is not Lost – Sow Carrots in Pots

    We’ve been waiting for it to warm up so we could sow our carrots outside and then last week a thick blanket of snow covered our veg plot and it’s still there!!!!

    So this year we have decided to get sowing some carrot seeds into pots in the greenhouse as they do really well in containers, as long as the pot is deep enough. We are going to mix up some lovely Solar Yellow with Cosmic Purple and good old Chantenay for our own rainbow mix of carrots. We will then harvest some at baby carrot stage and allow others to grow onto full size.

    So all is not yet lost and lets hope the snow melts soon, we can cloche our plot and sow some carrot seeds outside too!

    Posted by Debbie Dexter
  • Seed Transplant Shock - The sudden collapse of seedlings when potted on...

    ‘Transplant Shock’ is the sudden collapse of seedlings when potted on and is due in part to a sudden change in temperature of surrounding area, compost & water.

    Chillies & Tomatoes are prone to this at seedling stage but to minimize its occurrence we make sure that the day before transplanting, the seedlings have had adequate water and the potting on compost & water are placed in the greenhouse to warm up. When transplanting we work quickly popping the seedling back into the heated propagator as soon as it has been potted on & watered.

    The photos show chilli seedlings 1/2hr after potting on drooping with transplant shock and then 2 hours later when they have perked up. Generally there is no significant check to the plants growth and they will continue quite happily as long as they have been transplanted quickly, watered & returned to the conditions they were in.

    Posted by Debbie Dexter
  • Chilli Jamming - We love sowing & growing chillies, cooking and jamming!

    We love sowing & growing chillies, cooking, jamming, chutneying (if there is such a word) and of course eating them – it is usually a game of chilli roulette but we like it hot!!
    Posted by Debbie Dexter
  • Give a growing gift this Christmas…

    We have been busy revamping our Seed Gift Boxes tweaking some and adding brand new ones to the collection, these will make lovely heartfelt gifts for gardening friends or family this Christmas.
    Posted by Debbie Dexter