Posted by Debbie Dexter
One crop at Sow Seeds we can’t do without is Chillies and last year was our best ever season. It may seem like a long time and a lot of care is required for such a short season crop but with a bit of planning chillies can be picked from July to November. Chillies can be used all year round, either fresh, frozen, dried, ground, made into colourful ristas, chilli jams & jellies and we have even made 'Firewater' with our own Chillies infused in Vodka. Growing your own makes your food and drink so much more inventive.

Sowing, growing and eating chillies has become such a passion and the choice of varieties available to the home grower is so extensive. As foodies and gardeners alike we love to experiment and cook up authentic cuisine from all over the world and a bag of generic red or green supermarket chillies is now not enough. Our tastes have become more discerning and we now realise that chillies are not just about the heat but they can also have defining sweet, smoky or fruity flavours.

We currently have over 65 different varieties of Chilli Seeds and have sourced the following 10 new ones for this coming season (even Paddington Bear might have enjoyed some of our new chillies that have originated from ‘deepest darkest Peru’ on his Marmalade Sandwiches)! Varieties like Aji Panca, Aji Amarillo or Aji Peruvian are key ingredients used in Peruvian cooking.