Posted by Debbie Dexter

For those of you missing a little growing why not try sowing some Microgreens (also known as Microleaves). Easy as growing Cress on kitchen roll and in a few days you will be just a snip away from punchy little flavoursome shoots. These can be used to garnish soups, salads, sandwiches or top fish, adding colour and flavour to many dishes and giving a top class chefs touch.

Microgreens are not readily available in supermarkets as they lose their flavour and freshness very quickly so are at their best when home-grown, picked and used straight away and so growing indoors in the kitchen is ideal.

Sow one variety per shallow container on kitchen roll and water. Keep seeds and cotton wool moist and after 7-14 days depending on variety, just snip off shoots at base as required when about 2.5-5cm.

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