• Promotional Seeds for NAPF Annual Conference & Exhibition

    Sow Seeds have supplied promotional seeds for this years National Association of Pension Funds Annual Conference & Exhibition held at Manchester Central from 16th – 18th October 2013.
    Posted by Debbie Dexter
  • It’s Bean Worthwhile for Borlotti’s!

    We love growing Borlotti Beans, the red pods look exotic & gorgeous in the garden & we mix them with some climbing Sweet Peas, this year we used White Ensign. Borlotti Beans are not heavy croppers like other beans but the fact they are virtually impossible to buy fresh makes them all the more worthwhile growing. Any we do not use are dried and used through winter in casseroles (although I admit we tend to eat them all fresh.)
    Posted by Debbie Dexter
  • Chilli – Hot Tip

    Usually at this time of year as the peppers begin to grow the little flower ‘skirts’ begin to go brown & dry, they normally split as the pepper gets bigger and fall off easily.
    Posted by Debbie Dexter
  • Students ‘Learn To Grow’ At Petty Pool College

    Just like to thank all the guys – Mike Cook (Horticultural Tutor) & the students at Petty Pool College who showed me around the Horticultural Dept last Thursday morning. What an inspiring place!

    Horticultural students with Learning Disabilities attend 4 days a week and maintain a large Vegetable Plot & Greenhouse with their Tutors. They learn lifeskills & gain practical experience & horticultural qualifications. They sow seeds, look after seedlings & then sell the plants or produce at their own Garden Centre and all the proceeds are ploughed back into the Horticultural Dept.

    On the morning of my visit the Students had just planted up some hanging baskets that they will sell later in the season and there are plans to grow more herbs for the kitchen at Petty Pool and maybe cut flowers that can be used by the students in the Floristry Dept.

    Sow Seeds will be donating more seed to their worthy cause and wish them the very best with all the exciting projects they have planned.

    Petty Pool Garden Centre is open to the public on Wednesdays 1-3pm throughout the Summer (from May onwards)

    College Details & Garden Centre

    The Petty Pool Trust, 
Petty Pool Education Centre, 
Pool Lane, Sandiway, 
 CW8 2DR Tel: 01606 889097




    Posted by Debbie Dexter