Posted by Debbie Dexter

Lemongrass is easier to grow than you may think. It's surprising that something as exotic as lemongrass can be grown in the UK, but this oriental flavoursome herb can do really well with a bit of warmth and a little attention.


Lemongrass seeds will require a heated propagator to get them germinating but once established this tender perennial can be kept outside during summer.

  • Sow seeds (February to May) thinly on top of compost, in a seed tray & lightly tamp down to ensure good seed to soil contact. Do not cover seeds with compost.
  • Place seed tray in a water tray to water from the bottom, as seeds will be displaced if watered from above.
  • Place seed tray in a heated propagator and keep at 20°C. Germination is slow and can take between 15-25 days.
  • When seedlings large enough to handle, 'prick out' into small pots and then 'pot on' into final pot when root system is well established.
  • When risk of frost has passed and after a week of 'hardening off' move outside. Or keep in an unheated greenhouse but don't allow to get too hot!
  • To harvest Lemongrass just carefully pull & lightly twist the stem to harvest the fleshy stem that is bound in a harder papery bark that is easily peeled away.


      Lemongrass is a tender perennial and may make it through winter but must be moved indoors when temperatures fall below 8°C if it is to have any success in overwintering.

      Home grown Lemongrass can be used fresh in Thai curries, stir-fries, herbal teas or popped into pot-pourris to perfume the house. A lovely variety that smells and tastes great! 

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