Posted by Wayne Robinson
5 Of The Best Crops For Time Poor Gardeners
We know how time consuming growing your own Vegetables & Herbs can be, but if you choose your crops carefully you're able to reduce your workload but still enjoy plenty of harvests. Choose Veg & Herbs that are easy to grow, can be sown direct and not troubled by many pests and diseases. We've put together this blog post to share with you 5 of our best crops for the time sensitive gardeners out there. 

First up we have the Courgette; they are quick to germinate and easy to grow in a warm, sunny spot. They stay productive for weeks, so we suggest 2 - 3 plants being enough. They can be sown from April time, just remember to cut them whilst they are small (around 10cm) as this will help to encourage more fruits. A top tip for those that are short on space, we recommend 'Tromboncino' because they're easy to train up a stake, so long as they are tied in as they grow.

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Next up, we have the Dwarf French Bean. They give you two crops for the price of one; enjoy the pods when they're young, or leave to dry on the plant for use as haricot beans. Easy to grow as climbers, and with excellent dwarf varieties that are suitable for growing in pots. They can be sown from April and will require to be watered regularly especially whilst they're flowering. Pick them as soon as they are large enough (around 10-12weeks), regular picking encourages the plants to produce more beans!
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Another great time sensitive crop is Beetroot. It's easy to grow and stores well for many months. Plus, the young leaves make a tasty addition to salads or can be steamed as spinach. If you want an early crop, choose a variety resistant to bolting (when a plant goes to seed prematurely) and sow under cloches from early March. We recommend Beetroot Boltardy seeds for this. 

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Pumpkins and Squash are not only tasty to eat, but also ornamental too! They require very little attention to produce great autumn crops that store well into winter. We recommend to sow indoors in spring, then once the risk of frost has passed in late May or early June, plant outside. You will need a sheltered, sunny spot with plenty of room as the plants will rapidly put on growth. 

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The Rosemary herb is evergreen, so it provides useful pickings all year round. Plant in the right place - a sunny, sheltered spot with free-draining soil and it shouldn't cause you any trouble. All Rosemary needs, is a trim after flowering to keep it looking neat.  We love adding a few sprigs of Rosemary with our roast potatoes and lamb - it's a pungent herb so you don't need a lot. 


Sow there you have it...5 fabulous crops that anyone who is under time pressure can easily grow.