Posted by Debbie Dexter

Sowing seeds in pots is a great way to grow veg that might not be suited to the soil type or allow you to move the pots to sunny or shady areas as needed, or if space is tight in the garden a pot can utilise a small unused area which is great if you just want to sow a few extras!

We like to use multi-purpose compost/homemade compost and a handful of perlite to give added drainage. Use a pot that is deep or large enough to accommodate the veg you grow so carrots need a long pot but peas will need a larger pot and lettuce only needs a shallow rooting container. Water pots well to ensure the growing veg have enough for their needs.

Here are a few of our faves to sow in June that will give a good crop from a pot!

  1. French Bean Blue Lake Climbing, Stanley, Purple Queen
  2. Beetroot Boltardy, Golden, Chioggia
  3. Lettuce & Salad Leaves
  4. Carrot Early Nantes, Cosmic Purple, Solar Yellow
  5. Pea Douce Provence, Hurst Greenshaft, Shiraz