Posted by Wayne Robinson

As part of our mission to continue to offer advice to home & allotment growers we have recruited a team of gardeners across different parts of the UK, with differing levels of experience and ability. They are collectively known as the Sow Seeders, with some of them also being active on various social media platforms.

Our intention is to share their growing experiences with you so that we can all learn along the way. 

The focus over the next few months will be on Green Manure. We will be covering many varieties in different growing conditions, that have been sown for numerous reasons.

green manure

The next phase will be to follow some over-wintering projects. And then on to the main sowing season in 2020.

We have based many of the projects on the questions that we receive from our customers, so if you have a burning question and would like to see it come to life in a project then just drop us a line and we will put into the plans.