Posted by Wayne Robinson

We are delighted to say that we have made our first donation to the Hull Food Partnership project at Constable Street Community Allotment.

constable street community allotment

Constable Stree Community Allotment is a project in Hull run by the local residents growing and supplying fresh produce for the local residents. It's amazing to see how a disused piece of land can be turned around into something so productive that improves so many peoples lives in so many ways. Truly amazing.

One of the aim's of our business is to help the food poverty issue in our local city of Hull. At a time when so much food is wasted by food manufacturers and supermarkets, it seems incongruous that there are people in society that are going without food and especially fresh produce.

So, we want to play a small part in helping those disadvantaged families.

As part of this process, we have signed up to the food charter and are working in collaboration with Hull Food Partnership, an organisation that is working to realise the vision to make Hull a sustainable food city.

hull food partnership

We will share more stories about more projects as we progress along this exciting journey to help in our small way, the fight against food poverty issues across Hull.