Top 5 tips to boost your veg growing:

1. Crop Rotation Plan - If you want to minimise the build-up of pests & disease now is the time to plan what crops to grow and where on your plot. Crop rotation doesn't have to be complicated, the simplest method to adopt is the 3-course rotation - 

Roots (Potatoes, Carrots) > Legumes (Peas, Beans) > Brassica (Cabbage, Kale)

3 course crop rotation plan

Read our Crop Rotation Planning guide [HERE]

2. Companion Planting - A
n organic method of maintaining a natural balance in your garden, aiding pollination and keeping pest numbers down.

companion planting

Read our Companion Planting guide [HERE] - there is also a handy download chart to help your planning.

3. Intersow Green Manure - Not just for use over-winter, green manures such as Yellow Trefoil help to improve the soil when intersown between taller crops such as Beans, Tomatoes, Sweetcorn. A great way to keep moisture in the soil through summer, reduce weeding, and then dig in after harvest to boost the soil's nutrients 

yellow trefoil green manure

4. No more bare soil - Sow green manure, into your crop rotation plans...sow pollen friendly green manures to attract insects...intersow...there is no reason to have bare soil. Your soil and your crops will thank you!

phacelia green manure

5. Create your own organic and FREE liquid fertiliser/feed with Comfrey & Borage.

borage herb
Read our guide on how to make your own [HERE]

5 natural ways that will really make a difference to your soil and ultimately your crops.