Posted by Wayne Robinson

As part of our continued support, we were delighted to help the Constable team with some essentials for the winter period...Green Manure and Winter Greens.

They will be sowing two different green manures - Field Beans, which is great for boosting nitrogen, and being a legume, will help to get the brassicas off to a great start next year! And the second green manure is Italian Rye. Again another super option for over-wintering and being a cereal it doesn't need to fit into any crop rotation plan so is incredibly versatile. The Italian Rye will help to reduce the water leaching effects from the winter rains as well as adding vital nutrients and organic matter when dug in. 

#nomorebaresoil at Constable Allotments this winter!

And to keep the harvests coming they will also be sowing in the polytunnel a variety of winter greens:

Mizuna, Mibuna, Pak Choi Red Choi and Pak Choi Yuushou


Constable Street allotment green manure and winter greens