Posted by Debbie Dexter

Top Tip... if you have any spare Pea seeds sow them in a deep seed tray & grow your very own tasty Pea shoots! It's sow easy & you can be picking little green shoots within 3 weeks from sowing they will add that delicious sweet pea flavour to salads, fish or top off soups!

  • Use a deep seed tray & place a layer of compost in the bottom.
  • Sow Pea seeds evenly & cover with 3cm of compost and water well. We just pop on our greenhouse shelving for a bit of added warmth.             
  • Germination should begin within a week or so and pea shoots with curly wurly tendrils will be ready to pick in as little as 3 weeks. 

 The sowing date doesn't matter as you will be picking these little pea shoots whilst young and tender before they mature.