Posted by Mike Parker

From the peppery heat of colourful Nasturtium flowers to the dainty white flowers of Garlic Chives with their punchy garlic/chive flavour or the hint of mild cucumber of pretty blue Borage, edible flowers are more than just decoration. They make dishes look more appealing, appetising and give little bursts of unusual and unexpected flavours. 


Trendy TV shows like Master Chef have shown it's all the rage to dress up a dish with colourful, tasty edible flowers and as a home gardener it is very easy to pick a few flowers through the season that are an added bonus of the plant you have nurtured. A bolting Rocket can give beautiful dainty yellow/white flowers with a punchy peppery hit, herbs that have begun to flower like Chives, Rosemary, Sage, Basil or Oregano can liven up a salad or the home grower can choose to grow whatever flowers they wish to use for edible flowers like Nasturtiums.

Edible flowers are at their best picked shortly before use when they are at their freshest and plumpest. They deteriorate quickly making them difficult to buy in shops so a home grower has the advantage of picking them as and when required and creating individual, colourful dishes.

Here our some of our favourites that can add colour, flavour or both to a dish and also prettify the garden & veg plot.

Borage - mild cucumber flavour, great frozen in ice-cubes & popped in your Pimms!

Nasturtium - a peppery hit, add fab colour to salads and other dishes!

Chives - a hint of onion & fab colour, just tease apart the separate flowers & sprinkle on meals.

Garlic Chives - intense garlic & chive flavour  much loved in Chinese cuisine!

Pot Marigold - separate colourful petals & sprinkle over what ever takes your fancy!

Rocket - punchy peppery taste with delicate pretty yellow/white flowers!

Why not grow your own edible flowers and dress up your dishes like a Master Chef professional with your own individual home grown colourful and flavourful edible flowers. Perfect!