Posted by Debbie Dexter

One of our bugbears is flimsy seed-trays that snap and break when you are moving from one place to another.  We love sturdy seed trays as they last years but have found them increasingly hard to buy. We also like to sow 1 variety per tray and when sowing in small amounts like 20 Chilli Seeds or 10 tomato seeds, a mini small tray is ideal.

Well we have found our perfect mini seed tray – it is made by Garland and is sturdy, long-lasting and can even be bought with a made to measure robust plastic lid like a mini unheated propagator. We use them on our heated mat to encourage germination.  They are made to fit as replacements or extras for the slim Garland 7 mini windowsill propagator and the mini seed trays measure 17cm x 10cm x 6cm and can be found easily on the internet.

Garland also make a sturdy ½ seed tray which will last years, we had taken to buying seed water trays and drilling our own holes in the bottom for drainage but these Garland ½ seed trays are perfect too!

So if you are fed up with weak plastic trays perhaps take a look at the Garland range and they are made in the UK too!