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how to grow mint


For many novice gardeners Mint is the first plant they introduce to a garden. A no fuss plant requiring less attention and thrives in most garden soils but that in itself becomes its downfall. If not kept in check or contained, it can take over a large space fairly quickly. With such a wide range of mint varieties to suit any garden situation there are two most popular varieties a gardener would choose. One is Peppermint with red stems and red tinted oval pointed leaves; the other being Spearmint, with its short stalks presenting oval sharply pointed bright green leaves.


Here's Our Guide to Growing Mint:

How, Where & When to Grow Mint

Sow seeds indoors under glass late winter, in pots or seed trays with barely moist compost. Do not cover with more compost and place under grow lights as well as provide base heat of 18-20C. Germination can take 7 to 21 days once suitable conditions are met. Once germinated, thin out seedlings into individual small pots and place pots in a cool frost-free brightly lit area. Plant out after last frost where they will thrive in well drained soil and receive full or partial shade.


Final planting position observed at 30cm between mint plants.

Regular Care

Mint can suffer from powdery mildew if it gets too dry. Remove affected leaves immediately and keep the soil moist at all times. Prune regularly to encourage side shoot growth.

Harvesting Mint

Harvest throughout the growing season and use immediately or freeze the leaves.

mint growing guide


Mint leaves have a myriad of uses… from infusing to make herbal Mint tea…Mint sauce of course… and a vital ingredient for those Mojito’s!

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