Posted by Debbie Dexter

Sometimes it is hard to think about veg that will be harvested next year especially when there is so much to do in the garden in May, but with a bit of planning you could be reaping the rewards in ‘The Hungry Gap’ of Winter & Spring.

Listed below are some of the varieties that can be sown in May to fill ‘the hungry gap’ when there is little homegrown veg available in the veg plot.


Other than sowing the seed and a bit of weeding these Hungry Gap crops virtually look after themselves, they thrive on cold weather and cope well with a bit of neglect. They do occupy the soil for a long time but intercrop with quick growing veg like lettuce or radishes to make the most use of the veg patch.

There is a real sense of achievement when digging up your own Parsnips for Christmas dinner, of making a homegrown warming Vegetable Soup in the middle of Feb or eating the freshest possible tender succulent stems of Purple Sprouting Brocoli in Spring.