Posted by Wayne Robinson

One of our Sow Seeders is tackling an unloved part of their allotment and once the weeds had been cleared the next job was to start to improve the soil.

bare soil allotment

The decision was made to sow Phacelia due to its fast growth and the ability to add lots of nutrient-rich organic matter, it makes for a great natural soil improver.






It only took a fewphacelia green manure weeks for the Phacelia to spring into life and start to cover the bed.







The Phacelia was then left to flowphacelia in flowerer...yet another benefit of green manure versus other soil-improving options is that it can be great for the pollinators in the garden too!



phacelia green manure cut downIn order to avoid self-seeding the Phacelia flower heads were removed. 












The plan is to leave the Phacelia in for a few more months and it will then be dug in ahead of winter sowings.

We will keep you updated on progress.