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Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Seed Mix

Our Cornfield Annuals (with grasses) wildflower seed mix requires a sunny site to flower in the first year. It's a beautiful colourful mixture which includes yellow, blue, pink and white flowers. Once the plants have finished flowering the site will require rotovating in autumn to disperse the seed and it...

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General Purpose Wildflower Seed Mix

A good all-round wildflower seed mix that suits the majority of sites. It includes a number of different varieties to ensure germination success and contains a lovely mixture of eye-catching colours from yellow to white, blue, pink and red. This mixture contains 14% wildflower to 86% grasses, which helps maintain...

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Old English Country Wildflower Meadow Seed Mix

The flowers in the old English country meadow wildflower mix are yellow, purple and white with a hint of red - it's a wildflower mix reminiscent of the old English country meadow. The mix contains a range of seeds that are suitable for most open sunny sites. This mixtures contains...

from £1.95