Posted by Debbie Dexter

Step 1.

Fill seed tray with a mix of seed compost & 1/3 vermiculite as this aids drainage. Sow seeds evenly on surface and then lightly cover with sieved compost/vermiculite mix 3-5mm deep. Place seed tray in a shallow water bath & allow water to soak up. Drain before placing in a heated propagator or heated greenhouse to the temperature advised on the packet.

Step 2.

Careful watering is required as too much will cause the seeds to rot off before germination can begin and too little will mean they will not germinate. Germination can take anything from 10 days to 5 weeks for the Superhots and even the same variety in the same tray can be 2 or more weeks apart. So if some are not as eager as others don’t despair just keep carefully watering and keep in the heated propagator and wait for the more stubborn ones to put in an appearance.

Step 3.

When the seedlings have grown their ‘true leaves’ (these are the second set of leaves to appear) they can be carefully pricked out and transplanted into 9cm individual pots. We like to use a dibber to carefully support the seedling underneath and gently hold it by a leaf.


Step 4.

We plant them deeper than they were in the seed tray as this helps to promote roots to grow further up the stem and give a sturdier plant.

Step 5.

Carefully water and place back in heat and grow on until the plant reaches 8-15cm and re-pot.

The end result.

Our Jalapeno harvest freshly picked ready to be pickled and added to our Mexican dishes!