Statice sinuata 'Sunburst Series' Cut Flower Seeds

Statice sinuata Sunburst Series Cut Flower Seeds


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Statice sinuata Sunburst Series Cut Flower Seeds x 50. Statice sinuata Sunburst Series Mixed (Limonium) has lovely, large sprays of small, delicate papery flowers that add an extra dimension to flower arrangements.

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Product Description

This colourful mixture contains various shades of dark blue, purple, white, rose, apricot & yellow – very useful colours. These will grow to a height of 75-90cm.

Statice once seen in old dusty dried flower arrangements, is now seeing a revival. It does look great in cut flower arrangements and is widely used by top class florists. Butterflies love it too!

Statice can of course be dried and the best way is to cut the stems just before the blooms fully open. Tie in a bunch & hang upside down in a dry, cool place out of the sun.

Statice sinuata Sunburst Series Cut Flower Information

Seed Quantity: Approx. 50 seeds per pack.
When to Sow: February to April.
Site Conditions: Full sun, well-drained soil. Sandy soil is especially good.
How to Sow: Sow seed into module trays & cover lightly with fine compost / vermiculite. Keep at 15-18°C and seed will germinate in 2 weeks. Transplant in 8-10 weeks but keep at a temperature below 10°C for last 4 weeks – this helps to initiate flower growth. Space plants every 25cm apart in rows with 30cm between the rows in a cutting garden/allotment. This spacing aids against disease. Can also be planted in your garden borders.
Care: Just keep watered in very dry periods as statice is a mediterrean plant so copes well with dry spells. ‘Pinching out’ the first flower stem will increase the flowers produced later on.
Flowers: Takes 5 months to flower from sowing so February sowings will be ready July. Best to sow early in the season to get the most out of the flowers. Last for 2 weeks in a vase.

When to Sow your Statice sinuata ‘Sunburst Series’ Cut Flower Seeds

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