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Chrysanthemum Indicum Korean Mixed Cut Flower Seeds


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Chrysanthemum Indicum Korean Mixed Cut Flower Seeds x 300. Has medium sized single & semi double flowers in a range of colours from pale pink to crimson, yellow to bronze and a mixture in between.

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Product Description

Chrysanthemum Indicum Korean Mixed is a great Cut Flower filler in arrangements and acts as a good background for other star flowers.

It grows to 75cm and is a perennial that is treated as an annual. It is easy to grow and will flower the same year if sown early enough. The Cut Flowers last over a week in a vase.

Chrysanthemum Indicum Korean Mixed Cut Flower Information

Seed Quantity: Approx. 300 seeds per pack.
When to Sow: February – March.
Site Conditions: Sunny, well-drained.
How to Sow: Sow seeds into seeds trays and cover seed lightly with fine compost or vermiculite. Keep at 18-20°C and seeds should germinate in 2-3 weeks. ‘Pot on’ into individual small pots when seedlings have a pair of true leaves. Transplant outside when risk of frost has passed – spacing plants 30cm apart in rows and 30cm between rows.
Care: Growing points should be pinched out to encourage branching, making a bushier plant that will produce more flowers. Keep well watered and weed free.
Flower: August till first frosts.

When to Sow your Chrysanthemum Cut Flower Seeds

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