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Chrysanthemum Crazy Daisy Cut Flower Seeds


A gorgeous hardy perennial plant that looks as good in the garden as in a vase. It produces numerous flowers with large white frilly petals and an egg yolk coloured centres.

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Chrysanthemum Crazy Daisy Cut Flower Seeds x 100. A shasta daisy with big blousy blooms that reach 5-6cm and are mainly double or semi-double blooms. The plants are about 70cm tall and are great for adding height to the middle of borders and bouquets. They flower once established for such a long period from June to first frosts and so make a wonderful feast for the bees and butterflies.

The shaggy white flowers look fantastic in the flower garden planted in bold swathes and look lovely next to Verbena bonariensis, Scabious, Cornflowers and Dahlias too! They suit country cottage gardens and the more naturalistic planting of ‘Prairie Style’ and as a perennial they can be enjoyed outside and indoors for many years to come.

Chrysanths have been classed as old fashioned in recent years and just the cheap addition to a bunch of petrol station flowers but Chrysanthemum Crazy Daisy is one of those now reversing this idea – an easy care, low maintenance little star of a plant.

Chrysanthemum Crazy Daisy Cut Flower Information

Seed Quantity: Approx. 100 seeds per pack.
When to Sow: February-May or August-October.
Site Conditions: Full sun/partial shade, once established it is quite drought tolerant.
How to Sow: Sow seed (February-May or August-October) into trays of compost and lightly cover seeds with vermiculite as the seeds need light to germinate. Keep at temperature of around 15°C. Germination usually takes between 3-4 weeks. If there is low germination rates induce a period of vernalisation where the seeds dormancy is broken by moving to a cold area about 4°C for a week or so and then return to 15°C. Once seedling are about 5cm tall pot on into individual pots. When large enough and established in the pots transplant outside after a period of hardening off for a week.
Care: To create a bushy plant pinch out growing tips in mid May this will make it flower later but the resulting plant will be bushier and require less staking. Deadheading will ensure that the plant continues to bloom until the first frosts. After the first frosts cut down foliage to about 2.5cm and it should go dormant and then sprout again the following spring. After 4-5 years to encourage new growth and prevent this perennial running out of steam divide it in early spring and replant.
Flower: June to July is main period but will continue until first frosts if deadheaded regularly.

When to Sow your Chrysanthemum Crazy Daisy Cut Flower Seeds

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sow No Sow Yes Sow Yes Sow Yes Sow Yes Sow No Sow No Sow Yes Sow Yes Sow Yes Sow No Sow No

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